The origins…


Tom, the founder of Enhanced Biotics was suffering from the effects of prolonged stress during his time at university. After rejecting some of the usual prescription medication he began to search for different ways of improving his well-being. Tom discovered a supplement called CBD after hearing about its popularity in the USA and decided to try it, however he quickly discovered that it was difficult to find high quality CBD from a reputable supplier that had been appropriately lab tested.


After Tom had found a CBD product that was showing signs of being relief from excessive stress, he started to notice numerous mental health benefits, but not only this, it started to benefit his physical performance at the gym and playing sports.


This is when he had the vision for Enhanced Biotics, a company with the goal of enhancing the well-being of others by providing the most innovative, high quality, safe and properly tested wellness supplements that people can trust. He envisioned a company that’s sole ambition was to help everyone feel their best, by bringing back that balance between mind and body that can so easily be disrupted.


Of course, supplements alone are helpful but our lifestyles play a major part in our well-being. Which is why we decided to create our own wellness scheme to run alongside our other business operations.


A company with a wellness vision…


We need to take a positive approach to improving our overall well-being, and Enhanced Biotics are a wellness brand actively looking to help educate and provide access to the tools and activities that are wonderfully effective at improving your overall health.


We are collaborating with wellness professionals such as Yoga Instructors and Personal trainers to provide free and easily accessible wellness sessions to the public on a more localised level.


 By staging free taster events in local communities run by our Ambassadors, we hope to ignite interest and hopefully continued engagement in practices such as weekly yoga, circuits, Pilates etc. We hope that by offering a variety of different activities it will allow everyone to find an activity that they enjoy and would like to continue with.


Helping people to incorporate wellness into their daily or weekly routine.


Our competent and friendly Ambassadors are actively looking to help more people achieve physical and mental well-being. Being passionate about what they do, Enhanced Biotics are very excited to team up with them and help to promote their specific talents, showing you what they can offer.


Our wellness programme will hopefully help both of us grow in a sustainable way, getting us closer to achieving our goal of helping improve more people’s well-being.


Seeking the most innovative Wellness and performance products…


To support everyone in realising a state of perpetual wellbeing, Enhanced Biotics procure premium quality wellness supplements proven to be successful in helping provide everyone with the feeling of mental and physical wellbeing.  


We always look to locate the most innovative new wellness supplements that are making a positive difference to people’s health. Currently, we provide CBD, a wellness product that’s popularity is surging all over the world.


CBD is a product derived from the hemp plant that’s does NOT cause any psychoactive effects but still offers a wide range of benefits. Having thoroughly researched CBD for the last year, it is a product that we strongly believe has the potential to help so many of us due to its numerous positive benefits, and we would encourage everyone to read our blog posts on CBD to learn more.


We understand that consumers are becoming more and more eager for businesses to be more transparent and honest about their business practice, product content and manufacturing process. We therefor ensure that our customers are fully informed about our products, by listing all ingredients, showing our lab test reports and detailing how the products were made.


We want to provide a superior customer experience when shopping with us, so we will always look to reward our customers for providing their honest opinions about the company, products and anything else they think we can improve. We incorporate their views into everything we do, and realise they are the single most important thing for developing a successful business so will continue to do so.