Why Is MCT Oil making a huge come back?

MCT Oil is a supplement that is often added to smoothies, shakes, coffees, and salad dressing and more recently, CBD Oils, but is has recently gone to the mass market on its thanks to its potential health benefits and also due to Keto lovers.

Medium chain triglycerides are different from the more commonly known long-chain triglycerides in that they have a shorter chain (hence the name). It's usually found in coconut Oil as more than 50% of coconut oil comes from MCT, but they are also found in many other foods like palm oil and dairy products.

What Are The Benefits of MCT Oil?

MCT Oil has been around for a while but was forgotten about for the last few years until it suddenly made a big come back. Why? Because of the Keto diet. A diet that leads your body into a state where you burn fat instead of carbs or fuel, aka Ketosis. Which for obvious reasons, sounds excellent and has its specific benefits as well, but what does MCT Oil do to us, and why would we want to do the Keto Diet?

MCT Oil Keto diet

MCT has several benefits that LCTs (long-chain triglycerides) cant offer and has, therefore, become a prevalent supplement for those seeking to improve their wellbeing.

Here are a few scientifically-proven benefits of adding MCT Oil to your diet:

MCT Oil can help us lose weight

  • It helps us release two hormones responsible for making us feel full Peptide YY and Leptin.
  • Coconut Oil is renowned for being great at making you feel full, but a recent study showed that MCT Oil maybe even better as those who were given MCT Oil in the morning ate less food for lunch compared with those that were given the coconut oil.
  • MCT's have fewer calories than LCT.
  • MCT can be used as an instant energy source, meaning it would not be stored as fat.
  • MCT can be converted into Ketones, and if you take MCT Oil and you're following the Ketone diet, it may help you stay in the fat-burning stage known as Ketosis.
  • Lastly, your gut health can impact your weight. MCT Oil can help to look after your gut health.

 Instant Fuel Source For Your Brain

  • MCT has been dubbed 'a super fuel source' since it is absorbed so rapidly. Much quicker than LCT.
  • Because MCT's enter the cells very quickly, they can be used as a fuel source immediately.
  • MCT can be converted into Ketones, which can easily pass through the blood-brain barrier and be used as fuel for the brain.

 Could Hep manage Epilepsy

  • As mentioned before, MCT can be a great addition to the Ketone diet. The Ketone Diet was initially introduced to help treat Epilepsy. Fasting was used to increase the production of Ketones, which may potentially reduce the frequency of epileptic seizures.

May reduce risk factors for heart disease.

 May help to Control Blood Sugar Levels 

  • One small Chinese study of 40 people with diabetes found that those who consumed MCT oil daily had significant reductions in body weight, waist circumference, and insulin resistance, compared to those taking corn oil containing LCTs.
  • Another study found that when ten people with diabetes were injected with insulin, they needed 30% less sugar to maintain healthy blood sugar levels when they consumed MCTs, compared to LCTs 

 Try adding MCT oil to your food, for example, many people choose to Mix MCT oil with their cereals every morning. See what a difference MCT can make to your wellbeing.